What we do

Partnering with life sciences companies to bring drugs, devices and diagnostics to market

Marbls partners with pharma and MD&D manufacturers to drive the path of life-changing drugs, devices and diagnostics to market. We’re a business and technology consultancy uniquely positioned in the US and Europe to address our clients’ pricing, contracting and commercial excellence challenges.

We’ve brought together top talent
from across the industry

We’ve brought together top talent from across pharma
and MD&D to provide practical services and advisory for our clients, from business assessments and technology implementations to ensuring scalability for large and long term needs.

With hubs in the US and Switzerland, we provide the capacity and expertise of a large consultancy with the agility and personal approach of an agency. We develop solutions that meet the focus and size of each organization we serve — emerging and rare disease pharma to
generics manufacturers and mid-tier and large pharma.
Our clients always have our full attention and direct access to senior leadership.

    • Deep expertise in pricing, contracting and
      commercial excellence
    • 20+ years of experience in US and European markets
    • Teams in the US and Switzerland to support global programs
    • Results-driven approach tailored to the unique dynamics impacting our clients
    • Continuous record of success with business assessments and technology implementations




US Pricing & Contracting

The US pricing and market access landscape for life sciences manufacturers is evolving in complexity due to continuous innovation, dynamic legislation driving federal and state healthcare programs for patients, and increasing obligations surrounding statutory reporting requirements.

Adding to this complexity, the industry faces ongoing mergers, acquisitions and divestitures among manufacturers, large investments into early molecules and emerging biotech, and exponential increase in technology and data available for manufacturers to support payer, provider and public channels.


Marbls solution

At Marbls, we support our clients across emerging biotech, generics, MD&D to large branded pharma addressing this complexity through business and technology consulting. Through advisory and strategic services to support a product launch, large-scale systems implementation of leading revenue management software, or assessment and planning for technology investments, our teams provide expert, practical, customer focused, and results-oriented services to solve each of these challenges.

Our expertise spans Contracting and Government Pricing functions, including:

  • Contract Lifecycle Management & Quoting
  • Contract Management of Payers and Providers
  • Administration of Chargebacks
  • Rebates & Admin Fees Management
  • Statutory Reporting and Pricing Requirements for Government (Federal and State)
  • Management & Adjudication of State
    Medicaid Programs.
  • State Price Transparency Reporting
  • Gross to Net Analysis

Global Pricing, Tendering, and Market Access

The global landscape for life sciences manufacturers is rapidly evolving in complexity due to continuous innovation, continued pressure towards reimbursement and access, and ongoing operational complexity surrounding pricing, tendering and in-country net price management.

Marbls solution

We address these challenges with specific, practical approaches targeted to in-country needs, regional requirements and global governance. Our teams leverage deep experience in key EMEA, Asia-Pac and Latin American markets to provide service in advisory, operations and technology planning and implementations that create tailored solutions for market access, list price management, tendering, in-country contracting and net price management, and more.


State Price Transparency

The rising costs of prescription drugs in the US, coupled with the absence of uniform federal regulations around drug pricing, have created a dynamic landscape of state-level legislation aimed at improving price transparency. Today, several states (20+) have enacted laws that require manufacturers to submit reports around new drug launch, WAC increases and quarterly/annual WAC disclosures.

However, triggers for reporting vary state by state, presenting an administrative burden on manufacturers. To avoid penalties for noncompliance, manufacturers must monitor both new and existing legislation, understand the varied thresholds that require reporting, comply with different due dates for submission, and gather all required data, including sensitive information around cost and spend, to be reported to the appropriate state entities.

Marbls Solution

To alleviate the reporting burden on manufacturers, our team developed a platform that serves as a central repository of all data needed for state price submissions. Our application enables manufacturers to:

  • Access all approved and pending legislation and their associated reporting requirements
  • Store 100+ product and pricing fields needed for accurate and complete reporting
  • Analyze what price increases will trigger reporting across all states
  • Create state specific reports and save historical submissions
  • Utilize approval workflows to enhance the auditability of cross-functional teams

As many companies plan to utilize a solution-based approach to maintain compliance with state requirements, Marbls provides a platform to improve otherwise manual processes and provide advisory services based on our close interaction with state entities and deep understanding of their unique regulations.

Emerging pharma
and biotech

The number of novel drug approvals by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been growing rapidly over the last decade with single year record approvals by the FDA in recent years. Drug approvals and launches stretch across diverse therapeutic areas including orphan and rare disease. Today, emerging pharma and biotech have to meet the complexities of a launch across commercial channels, answer reimbursement pressures in various countries, and address compliance and statutory reporting obligations in diverse markets, such as the United States.


Marbls solution

At Marbls, we have a strong focus on helping emerging
life sciences manufacturers launch products with readiness towards contracting and government pricing functions
such as:

  • Contract management of payors and providers
  • Administration of chargebacks
  • Rebates and admin fees management
  • Statutory reporting and pricing requirements for government (federal and state)
  • Management and adjudication of state
    Medicaid programs
  • State price transparency reporting
  • Gross to Net Analysis

As many companies plan to outsource commercial and government contracting functions to outside providers, Marbls provides services to support assessment, evaluation and recommendation towards chosen providers and a detailed plan and roadmap towards launch readiness. Our teams work as an extension of internal teams to oversee and manage the transition to a chosen outsourcing provider while ensuring key launch dependencies are executed seamlessly across all internal and external stakeholders.


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Configure, Price Quote (CPQ)

The requirement for Life Sciences companies to manage
its volume of contracts and documents effectively has
become critical – especially the process of developing
contracts prior to execution. This includes the creation
of reusable templates and pricing exhibits for various
channels, libraries of approved terms and conditions, a
collaborative approach of redlining and reviews through
approvals and workflows, and finally the ability to report
on key attributes and send information to downstream
systems such as Revenue Management, ERP, and Reporting
Platforms. The ability, especially for Medical Device
and Diagnostic companies to perform advanced pre deal
analysis through CPQ and provide customers on demand
offers especially through field teams creates a highly
advanced and mature quoting and proposal process that
most of our clients are striving for.

The management of documents extends to materials in
Validated environments as well other items such as Market
Access dossiers.

Marbls Solution

Marbls addresses our clients’ needs by helping assess
and select the correct technology to implement the
solution globally. Marbls has delivered numerous
technologies on various Salesforce platforms such as
Conga to manage documents such as Contracts, Letters
of Participation, Clinical Documents, Vendor Contracts,
and Market Access packages across North America,
EMEA, Asia-Pac, and LatAm. With Certified resources
in Salesforce and Conga technologies combined with
our deep Life Sciences knowledge, our solutions have
been scalable and flexible architecturally to address
acquisitions, divestitures, and changes in regulation.

Commercial excellence

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have witnessed dramatic changes in the industry’s commercial landscape. The dominant role of oncology as the largest therapeutic area in sales and R&D investments. The increasing role of biologics, gene therapies and digital therapeutics as means of combating disease. And the changing regulatory landscape with increased focus on privacy, compliance and reducing healthcare costs.

Today, smaller target groups with a more complex interplay of stakeholders in the decision-making process require the development of innovative commercial strategies and operating models with technology playing a critical, enabling role.

To add to this list, the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced numerous barriers to implementing commercial strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Limited access to HCPs, shifted treatment priorities and overwhelmed healthcare systems require emerging-biotech and mid-large manufacturers to completely rethink their existing commercial models.


Marbls solution

To address this highly complex landscape, our teams support our clients with business and technology consulting within the commercial space. Whether its advisory and strategic services to develop and implement a brand strategy, global commercial system rollout, mobile app development and launch, or planning and assessment for technology investments, our expert teams provide experienced, hands-on and result-oriented service to solve our client’s most complex challenges.

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