US State drug price transparency app

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At Marbls, we extend the possibilities of mobile applications to streamline information and address the unique internal and external dynamics that affect our clients.

Addressing a critical industry challenge

With the rising cost of prescription drugs, many states in the US began creating legislation to increase drug price transparency. These laws often establish thresholds for price increases and varying reporting requirements around WAC, AMP, R&D costs and price increase justifications.

As a result, our clients face operational complexity due to the varied requirements imposed by each state and often face fines for non-compliance with these reporting requirements. For example, reporting criteria often have varying submission frequencies and can require submission to different entities, such as health departments, attorney generals, insurance commissioners or others.


A streamlined solution: The Marbls State Price Transparency app

Our US State Price Transparency app provides our clients with the consolidated information they need for quick references related to State Price transparency guidelines and policies that can augment their understanding in discussions with legal counsel or internal compliance.

The app aggregates the legislative requirements of each state and enables analysts and manufacturers to access all current and upcoming business reporting requirements. Users can find detailed information on specific reporting and submission requirements by state, plus information on requirements that may be forthcoming. Updated bi-monthly, the app also provides current information on legislative activity.

I think this is a great app! It helps to manage everything in one place. We all have spreadsheets and calls with legal firms but having it at your fingertips is great!”
Government Pricing Manager
for large generics manufacturer

Key app features

View requirements by state

  • View how many laws each state has around price transparency
  • Understand price threshold rules, cost submissions and other information required by the state

View pending bills and inactivity

  • View pending legislation and the mandated requirements if passed
  • View a history of actions taken to progress the bill
  • View states with no legislative activity

Detailed Search

  • Search for active or pending legislation across various criteria
  • Search by generic manufacturers, therapeutic class (diabetes, asthma care), price rules and penalties